i Build Guitars
iBuild Guitars

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A Program for Veterans to design
and build a unique “guitar”
instrument that does
more than PLAY

Veterans Serving Veterans

Mission Statement:
Provide Veterans who have physical and/or emotional traumatic stress the
materials, supplies and expertise required to begin innovative luthier
training (guitar building) and gain skills in their healing process.

Those suffering from PTSD, physical and emotional trauma as well as their caregivers are always seeking new and innovative processes to address these critical issues.

iBuild Guitars addresses these issues through hands-on instruction ranging from individual one-on-one mentoring to small group situations. iBuild Guitar program provides access to the materials and expertise and leadership to introduce veterans to the creative and therapeutic art of woodworking with one’s own hands. Individuals experience healing by creating a unique instrument, that articulates their own individual voice, they can be proud of and utilize.

Historic Arts and Culture District Texarkana, USA

“Teamwork was a big part
of it, As a veteran, this
meant a lot to me”

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Through iBuildGuitars, much like life after service, you visualize,
create and make something whole from a myriad of pieces… explore
beyond boundaries, and end up with something that doesn’t just sit there

How We Do It:
iBuildGuitars is a nonprofit outreach program offering a variety of donated materials to qualified veterans to design and
build a unique instrument. Through workshops, we offer the framework for providing direction and guidance in small

camaraderie groups in a variety of settings. email: build@iBuildGuitars.org